CCTV Surveillance System

Be it your office or your home, we got it all covered. CCTV surveillance forms a very important part of our security setup and has moved from being desirable to absolutely essential. Not only for security, CCTV systems can be used to optimise inventory and productivity without being physically present on site. I Muni specialises in setting up a video surveillance grid using high quality equipment to keep you safe from the prying eyes of the mischief mongers.

However, given the diversity of hardware available, it is quite a task to zero in on the right equipment for your needs. There are a variety of different types of cameras to suit different situations, locations and subject of surveillance. We provide end to end surveillance solutions including:

1. Site survey & analysis of the requirement

2. Supply and installation of the CCTV cameras, DVR/NVR and allied equipment

3. Configuration and Commissioning of the system.

4. Maintenance & repairs

5. On-call assistance

Our equipment range comprises Analog& IP Cameras; Bullet, Dome and PTZ cameras;High Definition cameras;Night vision capable devices; Infra Red devices;DVR/NVR, Monitors, Connectors, Cables, the whole lot.

Once installed, we provide onsite service support for the duration of the warranty which can continue thereafter through a Maintenance Contract. In short, you call us and we take care of everything else.