PHP Training

PHP Institute Lucknow Present Comfortable Zone For Training

PHP is known as the best programming language and is being used in many high-quality websites for business purpose. More than 20 million websites and more than 1 million servers are using this language according to reliable reports. This thing itself proves the wide acceptability of PHP. In web development fact is written that without learning PHP, nobody can be a proper and pro web programmer. This is the reason why you need to go through a PHP training institute in Lucknow.

Many professional institutes offer PHP courses in Lucknow, which is enjoying a reputation as an education centre and provide training.

It is generally accepted that Our PHP Learning Institute in Lucknow maintain some level of quality in training and this is the reason most of the students from far-off places like to come here for training.

PHP training

An advanced PHP course will provide the following subjects:-

Fundamentals training of PHP: –

Where you learn the basics of web designing, web programming etc along with SQL Queries and OOPS.

PHP Language: –

PHP is a popular programming language used to build dynamic web applications with a MySQL database connection. PHP has many open source integrated development environment. Apart from this, there are lots of advantages of learning PHP language.

To succeed in a programming language, you need to take Live Project Based PHP Training by expert developers in I-Muni IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

In this step, will be presented more things in PHP language: -

Web designing, PHP with Syntax, variables in PHP, PHP Arrays, PHP include file, PHP Operators, PHP functions, HTTP protocol etc along with many other related subjects.In Database Connectivity, you will learn about PHP and MySQL, DBMS and RDBMS,PHP MySQL select, PHP MySQL etc


HTML is the main markup language used in building websites with coding. In this section, you will gain intensive training in HTML, tags, anchor tags, including HTML elements, HTML lists and many more.


Cascade or CSS is the style sheet language which used to look or format of the document that is written in markup language. After starting the CSS, the course will take you into the CSS selector, CSS applications, CSS background and many more. In Industry Application, here you will learn various applications like PHP sessions and cookies, PHP file handling, JavaScript, AJAX, XML etc.

Industrial Projects Applications and Content Management Systems: -

Under this stage, our institute provide online shopping carts, payment gateway graphics, embedding PHP code into HTML pages etc. and obtain training about various content management systems and the application of PHP in them.

PHP Summer Training Courses Lucknow is special training after complete your PHP course. In this, you will get practical knowledge and you can put your queries in front of PHP developer master and they will resolve your queries by providing a practical example.