Laravel Training

Imuni Laravel Professional

A Comprehensive Laravel Training Program at I-Muni IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow

Why Laravel

In the ever so dynamic developer community, it is imperative to constantly upgrade yourself with the latest technologies and tools in the market. Due to the versatility of PHP it is one of the most widely adopted scripting language and Laravel is by far the most preferred framework which makes PHP development simpler, faster and more effective than ever before.

It is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds;infact some experts place it above any other framework available today. It is an absolute must-know for serious developers looking to make it to the next level.

The Program

At Imuni, we follow a structured approach to learning and have developed our learning content around sequentially approaching the subject with the right mix of classroom and live training to keep it interesting and easy to assimilate. During the 8weeks course, you will learn MVC architecture and practice; framework’s controllers, routing, responses and filters; forms and authentications and develop highly responsive and scalable websites. Our mentors will handhold you from a beginner to an expert and help you master Best Practices used by professionals to place you right ahead of the contemporary developers spectrum armed with the expertise of cutting-edge technology

The course curriculum is divided along the following essentials which you learn over the duration of 8 weeks:

1. Laravel environment, installation and setting-up

2. Creating Forms, gathering inputs and validation

3. Authentication&Encryption

4. Creating tables and storing data using SQL

5. Using jQuery and Ajax

6. Using controllers and routes for APIs and URLs

7. Deploying third-party services into theapplication.

8. One full project based on Laravel

This program is suitable for fresher/interns as well as advanced PHP developers. A basic understanding of PHP and development concepts in the candidate is desirable though not necessary

The Trainers

Imuni has nurtured some of the best talent in the development space in Lucknow. For the past 4 years we have trained numerous aspirants in software development, webdevelopment and related technologies such as HTML & CSS, JavaScript, AndularJS and VueJS.

Our alumni are widely recognised in the industry ashighly competent and effective developers,who are respected for the knowledge and expertise they possess.